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Beautiful WordPress Themes of 2014

There have been some truly gorgeous themes released this year. Parallax continues as a trend, as does clean, flat and minimalist design. Though designers are becoming bolder and more experimental. Many themes this year have a great focus on typography and beautiful storytelling. Below, I’ve compiled a collection of beautiful themes, all released this year. This […]


Amazing & fresh WordPress hacks

It’s been a long time that I haven’t published a compilation of super useful WordPress hacks. Well, here’s a list of amazing and fresh snippets from my personal bookmarks. Enjoy!



Incredible Photographs Made From Woven Film Strips

Photography and tapestry combine to form these fragmented interpretations of iconic buildings and landmarks. South Korean artist Seung Hoon Park has been in the spotlight since 2005. In his series, titled “Textus,” each image begins with 8mm or 16mm camera film strips, which he lays down in rows to create […]