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Incredible Photographs Made From Woven Film Strips

Photography and tapestry combine to form these fragmented interpretations of iconic buildings and landmarks. South Korean artist Seung Hoon Park has been in the spotlight since 2005. In his series, titled “Textus,” each image begins with 8mm or 16mm camera film strips, which he lays down in rows to create […]


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Creative Uses of Animated GIFs to Present UI Designs

With the abundance of gestures and animations being implemented into mobile apps designers are facing the tricky problem of how you present these UI concepts. Storyboards and static screenshots don’t show any dynamism, whereas wireframes are visually plain and boring. There is one solution that seems to be catching on; the reinvention of the animated […]

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Award Winning Portfolio Designs That Follow Current Trends

The current trends that have really changed the whole concept of website design during the last few years seem to be set to stay at least for the coming year. We have seen the rise of trends such as vertical scrolling, flat design, retro or minimal color schemes, slideshows including animation or video and, of […]