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This Week in Design: March 27, 2014

This week it seems like the world is screaming “creativity!” All of my social media channels have been filled with new and fun products, tools and apps and advice on how to be more creative. So that’s the main topic this week in design: Creativity, creative tools and creative thought. Every week, we plan to […]


Examples of the Effective Use of Typography in Web Design

Typography is one of the oldest disciplines of website design – it’s roots can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BC, when Mesopotamian cities used stamps to make impressions on bricks. Any form of text can be labelled typography – it is simply the art of arranging type either evenly or unevenly to make […]



5 Powerful Techniques for Responsive Web Design

With the multiplication of devices used to access the internet (computer, tablets, smartphones…) you have to make sure that your website will look good on every device possible. In this article, I have compiled 5 super useful techniques for a better, more responsive site or web app.



Award Winning Portfolio Designs That Follow Current Trends

The current trends that have really changed the whole concept of website design during the last few years seem to be set to stay at least for the coming year. We have seen the rise of trends such as vertical scrolling, flat design, retro or minimal color schemes, slideshows including animation or video and, of […]