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New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look At

Perhaps the best thing about the jQuery community is the fact that it often brings out impressive plugins for everyone to freely make use of.

In fact, there are way too many jQuery plugins out there, and newer and better ones just keep coming out. In this roundup, we take a look at some new jQuery plugins that we feel are worth taking a look at.


plugins jquery Tabslet

Tabslet is a jQuery plugin for tabs. It supports custom events, rotation and animation and is compatible with most modern web browsers.

Tabslet →


plugins jquery Offreg

Offreg turns your images into RGB “prints”. All you need to do is to apply the plugin to any HTML element, and then provide an image SRC and insert offset value. On the downside, the rendering does not look impressive in Google Chrome.

Offreg →


plugins jquery CLNDR.js

CLNDR.js is a jQuery plugin for creating calendars. But instead of generating the markup, it requires you to provide an Underscore.js HTML template. It takes your template and injects the calendar data into it.

CLNDR.js →

jQuery Fullscreen Editor

plugins jQuery Fullscreen Editor

jQuery Fullscreen Editor transforms text fields into customizable editors. You can use it on forms or even standalone. The plugin supports most modern web browsers and comes with two different transitions.

jQuery Fullscreen Editor →

jVanilla Menu

plugins jquery jVanilla Menu

jVanilla Menu is a simple jQuery menu plugin. It takes an existing CSS drop-down menu, and adds enhancements such as animations, submenu levels and timeout delays to it.

jVanilla Menu →

jQuery Responsive Tabs

jQuery Responsive Tabs

This is a jQuery plugin that provides responsive tab functionality, with the tabs transforming into an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint.

jQuery Responsive Tabs →



The Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM.

Snap.svg →



Mapael is a jQuery plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.

jQuery-Mapael →

Moa Modal

plugins jquery Moa Modal

Moa Modal is a jQuery modal plugin that comes with custom animations and positioning.

Moa Modal →


plugins jquery FlowType.JS

FlowType.js lets you configure the font size and line height ratios, thereby improving the overall appeal of typography in your projects. You can also specify maximum and minimum width thresholds to control FlowType.js

FlowType.JS →


plugins jquery Squishy

Squishy is a jQuery plugin that automatically resizes text to exactly fit the container.

Squishy →


plugins jquery Succinct

Succint is a minimal jQuery plugin that can truncate multiple lines of text. It shortens your text to a given size, and then adds an ellipsis to its end.

Succinct →


plugins jquery FailSafe

FailSafe, as the name suggests, lets your application work smoothly in situations such as when you lose internet connectivity or run out of laptop battery. It can also disable elements that require an active internet connection or can drain your battery.

FailSafe →


plugins jquery Sticky-Kit

Sticky Kit lets you create smart sticky elements. You can then attach these elements to the page, such that they are always visible as and when the user scrolls through the page.

Sticky-Kit →


plugins jquery ContentShare

ContentShare lets you share the content from a page on a social network. Instead of the default meta tags, it lets you specify and select what content you wish to share. As of now, it supports Facebook and Twitter, though you can easily add additional social networks.

ContentShare →

Owl Carousel

plugins jquery Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel is a touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create responsive carousel sliders.

Owl Carousel →


plugins jquery CarouFredSel

CarouFredSel turns any HTML elements into a carousel. It is dual-licensed under MIT and GPL, and also has its own WordPress plugin.

CarouFredSel →


plugins jquery Excolo-Slider

Excolo Slider is a simple jQuery slider plugin that supports responsive design and touch. It comes with autoplay slideshow, mouse slider navigation, pagination and several other features.

Excolo-Slider →


plugins jquery Glide.js

Glide.js is a simple and responsive slider plugin with fully customizable OOCSS markup.

Glide.js →


plugins jquery FilmRoll

FilmRoll is a lightweight and simple jQuery carousel plugin that centers the selected item on the page.

FilmRoll →

jQuery CollagePlus

plugins jQuery CollagePlus

jQuery CollagePlus is an image gallery plugin that arranges your images to fit exactly within a container. It allows you to give the images CSS borders, and even define a target row height and padding between the images.

jQuery CollagePlus →

Block Slide

plugins jquery

Block Slider is a modal window image gallery plugin for jQuery that can be used to create a simple image slider.

Block Slide →

Nivo Lightbox

plugins jquery

Nivo Lightbox is a small and responsive jQuery Lightbox plugin. It comes with automatic content detection and features CSS effects and transitions.

Nivo Lightbox →


plugins jquery imagefill.js

imagefill.js can be used to center the images and make them fill the container.

imagefill.js →


plugins jquery Picturebox

Picturebox allows your users to view images with zoom-in navigation. It can also display images in fullscreen mode if needed.

Picturebox →


plugins jquery Selectize.js

Selectize.js is a hybrid of text box and select box. It can be used to display contact lists or country selectors.

Selectize.js →


plugins jquery EasyDropDown

EasyDropDown turns elements into drop-down menus that can be used for navigation or enhanced UI implementation.

EasyDropDown →


plugins jquery Minimalect

Minimalect is a select replacement for jQuery. It offers keyboard navigation, choice filtering and even supports themes.

Minimalect →