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Amazing & Free Flash Based Image Galleries

There’s no doubt that with those nifty javascript frameworks like jQuery, creating a nice image gallery or slideshow has become quite easier but still they are far behind the way interface can be built using Flash. Here are 25 really amazing flash based image gallery scripts that provide not only nice user interface but are free and easy to adapt into your website.

1. Polaroid Gallery

Polaroid Gallery

Polaroid is an amazing gallery for displaying your photos in an unusual way. It places images as if they are actually lying on table such that you can drag and change their position. To view image in full, double click any image. And it stores the data about images in XML file.

2. Flash Gallery

Flash gallery is a lightweight and easy to deploy flash photo gallery. It uses XML file to store information about images to be displayed.

3. dfgallery


This amazing flash image gallery is not only good for its interface but also for its customization options. It has an amazing theme engine built to support custom themes with multiple skins for each. The administration console built on CodeIginter lets you manage multiple galleries and albums of different types.

4. PostcardViewer

PostcardViewer will place your images like those postcard or notices pasted onto wall. You can navigate through images using mouse or cursor keys on keyboard. It offers a lot of options to choose the way in which images to be displayed are provided ranging from Picasa to custom PHP script.

5. SimpleViewer

SimpleViewer is a lightweight easy to configure flash gallery that provides an intuitive way to navigate through images using mouse scroll button or cursor keys.

6. TiltViewer

This one is an amazing image gallery with nice 3D effects. You can load images even from your Flickr stream or use an XML file.

7. AutoViewer

Autoviewer displays images in a linear sequence with captions. It is essentially designed for hands-free image viewing experience.

8. Zen Flash Gallery

Zen Flash Gallery provides a rich user interface to show different albums containing images. The flip effect on image transition is just awesome. The free version of this gallery supports 4 albums with 10 images each.

9. Photo Flow Flash Gallery

This one brings iTunes like Cover flow album switching experience to your images. But the free version supports just 9 images and you’ll have to purchase the license to remove that limit.

10. Free Flash Photo Album 2