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Digital Design and Web Innovation as the Catalyst to Business Success

The Digital Web and Design Innovation Summit will bring together the world’s leading digital and web designers for a two day design symposium. This summit will offer an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities currently affecting those working within the web and digital design sphere.

Regardless of the time in history or the industry, one of the major aspects has always made one competitor product beat another – The user experience. This could be anything from the aesthetics to the usability, the way it sits on a desktop or the way that it cuts through the air. The winner in any category, is the one that has the best design.

Fast forward to 2013 and we still see this. The best products working in the digital world are the products with the best design. The Googles and Facebooks of today are utilizing design to not only drive brand awareness but also superior user experience. Digital design is making the key difference between success or failure.

This is why the Innovation Enterprise are bringing together some of the most successful digital designers in the world to discuss what makes a winner in digital design at the Digital Web and Design Innovation Summit.

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About The Digital Web and Design Innovation Summit 2013

On September 19 & 20 in San Francisco, Hotel Nikko will see over 100 of the brightest minds discussing the new trends and innovations currently affecting the digital design community.

With experts from companies including Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Forbes, Samsung, Yahoo! and Dropbox, the calibre of speaker is high and they will be backing up their presentations with real life case studies.

Digital Design and Web Innovation as the Catalyst to Business Success

Seats are limited but if you would like to enquire about the availability of tickets, feel free to contact them.

In addition, attendees can get an “Access All Areas” pass which provides access to any of the 4 summits running concurrently, giving the opportunity to get a holistic overview of all the latest innovations in the world of marketing and communications.

  • Digital Strategy Innovation Summit
  • Digital Marketing Innovation Summit
  • Brand Strategy Innovation Summit

For a complete list of speakers, presentations and registration details for The Digital Web and Design Innovation Summit, please visit their official event page.


If you wish to interact with thought leaders in the digital design and web industry, this summit is a great platform. Take the opportunity of the a 25% discount to make it more worthwhile.

Hurry and sign up today!