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How to Remove WordPress Inactive Widgets in a Flash

The Inactive Widgets section in WordPress is a handy little tool. If you haven’t noticed it before, it sits below the normal widgets section. Instead of deleting a widget you’ve used before, you can drag it to the Inactive Widgets area, and it will keep all the settings. If you decide you want to use it again one day, simply drag it back into one of your widget areas, and it will be all set to go as it was before.

And so while it’s a great idea, after time, your Inactive Widgets section can start to get a little crowded. On top of that, there’s obviously a reason why you deactivated those widgets in the first place. And so the day may come when you decide to just clean house.

You can do that by opening up each one and deleting them one by one. But there’s a simpler way – a plugin called Remove Inactive Widgets.

Once activated, you will see a new button at the bottom of the Inactive Widgets section.


Clicking that button clears all those widgets out in the blink of an eye. Make sure you really want to get rid of them because there’s no getting them back.

(Note: This plugin won’t get rid of the base widgets, just the inactive widgets already with your settings.)


Once the job is complete, you can uninstall this plugin. Its work is done.