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WordPress and Beer: 5 Plugins for Brewers and Beer Enthusiasts

If you are among the millions of beer drinkers who get excited at the thought of suds, this blog is for you. There are many ways that you can tie your love of carbonated swill into your WordPress site. We are going to be looking at a few plugins that can help you search for beers in your area, review your favorite beers, locate other aficionados and their favorite dives, recommend your own, or explore beer recipes. Why would you want to incorporate beer into your WordPress blog? Because beer is awesome, that’s why! So pour yourself a pint, have a comfortable seat, and check out these brew-oriented plugins.

Untappd WordPress Widget

Display Untappd checkins on your WordPress site.

Any true beer nerd knows the glory of Untappd, a service that lets beer lovers discover popular bars and beers, earn badges, share their beer reviews and photos with friends and get personalized recommendations for new pints to try. It’s essentially a social network for beer lovers.

The Untappd WordPress Widget allows you to display your Untappd checkins on your WordPress site via a widget. In order to use it you will need to register for an API key from Untappd and it may take them a couple days to get back to you.


The BreweryDB plugin allows you to display information in your posts about beers and breweries via the use of shortcodes. Powered by brewerydb.com, this plugin utilizes the Brewery DB API to retrieve data about beers and breweries from around the world. Standard access to the BreweryDB API is free for developers.


Beer Ratings Plugin by RateBeer.com

Example listings from Beer Ratings

Ratebeer.com is another community membership site devoted to describing and ranking beers from around the world. All the content is user-generated, providing a database of beers, breweries and bars to peruse. This plugin uses the RateBeer API in order to allow you to retrieve and display data on brewers, best beers by style, beers available in a specific place, and more.

BeerXML Shortcode

Example beer recipe

If you are a homebrewer, microbrewer or full blown brewmaster, you know a thing or two about beer recipes. This handy plugin gives you the ability to share your favorite recipes on your WordPress site by linking from an XML document, the format generated by many popular brewing software applications, such as BeerSmith.

Sure there are many websites out there that let you log your beer recipes. Hosting them on your own website, however, can give your recipes better SEO and more specific coverage, prompting more attention and discussion on your domain.


EM Beer Manager

This is also a good plugin for those who love brewing beer, as it allows you to simply manage and display your beer’s profile, details and description. It even has a nifty Untappd integration feature that allows viewers to check in with each beer you post, right on its description page.

Single beer front-end display (with all options enabled)

If you are a craft beer lover, then try out some of these plugins and keep spreading the love. Let us know how you decide to use them and where we can check out your beer library.