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WordPress Email Newsletters Have Never Been Better

Email newsletters are a key component of any successful website.

When it comes to adding newsletter functionality to your site, you are going to be overwhelmed by the range of options.

So, how does professional newsletter and subscriber management direct from your WordPress dashboard and no third-party monthly plans sound?


Composite image of e-Newsletter
Keep your newsletter functionality and data inside your WordPress site

With a plethora of third-party solutions, it’s tempting to think that you have to learn another interface and split your website member data across multiple systems.

screenshot of the subscribe form
Fully configurable subscribe forms

e-Newsletter from WPMU DEV provides a solution that tightly integrates with WordPress, letting you manage your newsletters in the familiar environment of the WordPress admin interface whilst keeping all your member’s data in the one place.

And the latest updates to WPMU DEV’s e-Newsletter plugin improve what is already arguably the leading WordPress newsletter plugin:

  • the ability to include the recipient’s first name in a newsletter, e.g. Dear Chris
  • subscribing and unsubscribing of users in the WordPress admin interface
  • improvements to the CSV import
  • automatic subscription to nominated groups (including on import)

These improvements build on an already impressive list of features that provide incredibly flexible newsletter and subscriber management.

Creating and Sending Newsletters

e-Newsletter makes managing newsletters a breeze by providing everything you need to create and target stunning emails:

  • 7 professional email templates
  • live preview of your email
  • fully clone existing emails
  • personalize emails by including first name
  • send to all subscribers, a selected group or a specific WordPress role
  • use SMTP or PHPMail
  • optionally send in the background

e-Newsletter uses the WordPress Customize Themes screen, so not only are you building your newsletters in a familiar interface but you also get a live preview!

Screenshot of the email editing interface
A familiar interface that provides live preview

Managing Subscribers

e-Newsletter has a host of features for managing existing and new subscribers:

  • segment subscribers by assigning to groups
  • nominate a default group for new subscribers (and new site members)
  • automatically send a welcome email to new subscribers
  • create custom subscribed and unsubscribed pages
  • shortcode and widget for front-end display of subscribe form
  • use recommended double opt-in method
  • CSV import of new subscribers

e-Newsletter also provides high-level reporting allowing you to see at a glance your overall statistics. You can also drill down to view sent, opens, bounces and waiting for an individual newsletter or even an individual subscriber.

Add to this bounce management (requires IMAP PHP extension to be installed), comprehensive management of which roles can manage newsletters and subscribers and, of course, full compatibility with the latest version of BuddyPress and WordPress in both single and multisite configuration and it’s not difficult to see why this plugin has had over 50,000 downloads.

Screenshot of the available templates
Kick-start your newsletter design with professional templates

If you are looking to add a newsletter to your site and you like the idea of keeping the functionality and your site members’ data all in WordPress then e-Newsletter is your perfect solution.

Download the e-Newsletter plugin.